What Are the Main Causes of Stress?

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While stress is a universal experience--we all experience it, and it's a normal and even necessary part of life--not everyone experiences stress in every circumstance. For instance, one person may become irate and overwhelmed in a serious traffic jam while another might turn up their music and consider it a mild inconvenience. A fight with a friend might follow one person around for the rest of the day while another might shrug it off and virtually forget about it moments later. (By the same token, the person who thinks more about their relationships may work hard at keeping them healthy and happy, which could create more resilience toward stress later on than the person who puts little thought into relationship maintenance. ) These differences can add up to chronic stress or a less stressed life. 

We also experience varying degrees of stress based on our personality traits and the resources we have available. For example, extraverts tend to experience less stress in daily life and have greater social resources, which buffer against stress. Perfectionists bring stress on themselves unnecessarily and may experience more negative mental and physical health consequences than those who merely focus on high achievement without the high self-demands of perfectionism. Those who are "Type A" can stress everyone around them, including themselves. Those with enough money to hire help can delegate stressful tasks, so this resource can provide an edge over those who struggle to make ends meet and must work harder to save cash.

In spite of these differences, most people experience stress on a daily basis, and many of the stressors are the same for everyone. According to a poll on this site, the words of many readers and perhaps more importantly, research, the following are causes of stress to a good portion of the population:

  • Jobs and The Workplace
  • Financial Problems
  • Personal Relationships
  • Children
  • Daily Hassles / Being Too Busy

Fortunately, this site has resources to help you deal with these issues and stressors. Aside from finding stress management techniques that can help you to calm your physiology to react less strongly to stress, there are strategies that can help you to build resilience towad stress in the future, which are highly recommended. Follow the links in the list above to find resources to deal with all of these stressors in the most effective ways possible. Each can be a source of happiness as well as stress, and knowing how to navigate the stress of each aspect of life can help you to relax and enjoy your whole life to a greater degree. Read on, you'll also find information and tools you can use to calm down quickly when you feel overwhelmed, and develop more resilience to stress that comes your way. The following resources can help:

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