Signs of Low Sex in a Marriage

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When your sex life lessens dramatically, it could be a red flag showing that there are other problems in your marriage relationship aside from the sex issue.

Signs of Low Sex

  • You only have sex one or two times per month.
  • Sex has become a chore.
  • You only have sex when it has been previously scheduled.
  • You don't feel intimate after making love.
  • Sexual fantasies about your spouse are non-existent.
  • It seems that you are the only one who wants to have sex because your spouse doesn't show any interest in sexual intimacy at all.
  • There is no sense of adventure or spontaneity in your lovemaking with your mate.
  • Neither of you are very frisky in the bedroom anymore.
  • Your spouse is more interested in the computer or what's on the television than in making love with you.
  • Your mate is involved with pornography.

You need to know that your low sex marriage has a high probability of separation within 12 months.

Don't Rush to Buy Sex Toys

Although sexual technique is important, studies show that couples who communicate well with one another and share activities together are often more active sexually.

Before you try spicing up your sex life with bedroom toys or sexy lingerie or Viagra, work on your communication skills and spend more time with each other.

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